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Depending on the measurement task, we develop customer-specific analysis systems in gas analysis with a focus on oxygen, hydrogen and humidity. We support you from the conceptual development to the realization and operation. Thanks to the know-how we have gained over decades, we are able to work out the optimal solution for you and provide you with a turnkey solution. Take advantage of our experience in the development of analyzer systems.


Application in many different industries

Application examples

Regenerative energy: Green hydrogen

Renewable Energies

Green electricity is generated by using water, wind or sun, in short “renewable energy sources”.


Green hydrogen can be understood in the same way. It is produced from these regenerative energy sources by means of water electrolysis (in an electrolyser, water is split into its components hydrogen and oxygen with the help of electric current). The chemical element hydrogen is an energy carrier and raw material that has been underestimated until now.


Regeneratively produced hydrogen is therefore a key energy carrier for the energy turnaround. Hydrogen can be transported and stored via several routes. Pipelines can be used to supply a large number of mainly industrial customers. Potential areas of application include domestic energy and electricity supply, use as a fuel in mobility and as a raw material in the chemical, refinery, steel and ammonia industries.

In the future, the dependence on fossil fuels can be reduced to a minimum and expensive imports can be cut. One advantage of the system is the regional added value: hydrogen can be produced everywhere. The chemical process is not new: Green hydrogen is produced from renewable, i.e. green, energy sources.


In electrolysis, water is split into its components hydrogen and oxygen.

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